Release Notes

Looking for the latest features and enhancements to Sabre APIs? You're in the right place.

We heard you! Based on your feedback, release notes are now available in one, centralized location. Our Sabre APIs development teams are busy working on new APIs, features and enhancements, which will be added here as part of their normal release cycle. Therefore, content is limited to those services for which a release has occurred (from August 2016 to present).

Enhanced Hotel Book v2.0.0 on September 26, 2019

Service Action Code: EnhancedHotelBookRQ
Redesigned request schema which allows booking three types of content (CSL,GDS as CSL, GDS as legacy). Redesigned response schema, which now maps to TravelItineraryReadRQv3.10.0. User can now decide whether G …

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MISCServices v1.4.3 on September 26, 2019

Service Action Code: MISCServicesRQ
Added optional attribute to DocumentNumber complex type, to return issue date if issued document number Add orchestrationID attribute to header Added these data elements to pass additional data for internal use

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Enhanced End Transaction v1.0.0 on August 29, 2019

Service Action Code: EnhancedEndTransactionRQ
Simplifies the End Transaction booking step described under the Format Finder Help System reference: pnrfo005. If finalizing or completing the PNR is the only action you want, please include only the End …

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Upload Fare Contract Data v5.11.0 on August 23, 2019

Service Action Code: FaresContractLoadRQ
New fare base attributes can be defined and processed when using creating FaresContractLoadRQ for a Category 25 rule New Passenger Application selection will be added to Category 12 Surcharges Removed Obsolet …

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Schedule Change v1.4.0 on August 20, 2019

Service Action Code: TKT_ExchangeRQ
The Schedule Change API has been enhanced with a new optional XML element to include an exchange waiver code. This element is only supported for subscribers reporting ticket sales to ARC.

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PaymentRQ v4.17.0 on August 14, 2019

Service Action Code: PaymentRQ
OrderCreateDate : new attribute added to OrderDetail LoyaltyMemberDetail : new element of type LoyaltyMembershipDetailType added to CustomerDetail ErrorCode : new attribute added in PaymentRS/Result PA_ResponseCode …

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FraudCheckRQ v1.9.0 on August 14, 2019

Service Action Code: FraudCheckRQ
Title : new optional attribute Title added to PersonNameGroup MiddleName : new optional attribute Title added to PersonNameGroup ContactInfoType : new complex element added with EmailAddress (String) and PhoneNum …

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PaymentQueryRQ v3.11 on August 14, 2019

Service Action Code: PaymentQueryRQ
ValidatingCarrierCode : new attribute added to QueryRQ002 OrderType : new attribute added to QueryRQ002 QueryRQ006 : new service added QueryRS006 : new service added FopFeeAmount : new attribute added to QueryRS00 …

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Air Schedules And Availability v5.3.1 on August 7, 2019

Service Action Code: AirSchedulesAndAvailabilityRQ
The request now contains a new element providing calendar search for the same market for 1 to 40 consecutive days. The request now contains additional element providing the option to search for spec …

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Bargain Finder Max v1.0.0 on July 23, 2019

Method/Endpoint: /v1/offers/shop
Bargain Finder Max Response has been enhanced with the following new parameters: Ancillary, Fare type descriptors – new Fare type descriptors in Bargain Finder Max. Exposure of new elements in the response to describ …

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