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Both TN and AS
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What's New

  • Get Ticketing Document Details service has been enhanced to enable more flexibility within the request, and return additional information in the response.
  • Agency Retailer – allows Travel Agencies to create selling levels for authorized Category 35 negotiated fares or adjust the selling level of any fare in compliance with the agencies carrier agreements. - Applies to limited release customers only.
  • CAT33 – enables complete automation of carrier refund rules and policies which calculate refund amounts within the Automated Exchanges and Refunds web service
  • Endorsement Expansion – Expansion of endorsement field to allow more characters, providing more flexibility to allow input of airline required information

New Features

In the Response


Parameter: AccountCode, Deployment

Type: Simple

Description: New elements to support virtual forms of payment

Sample Value:

Parameter: PricedPassengerType

Type: Complex

Description: Indicates the passenger type that was used in the original pricing entry

Sample Value:


In the Request/Response


Parameter: remark

Type: Complex

Description: Endorsement data from fare filed, manual agent input, government requirement data

Sample Value:

ENDORSEMENT/RESTRICTION CF00514960582 PI00909171001 NON-ENDORSE/NON-REFUND A123456789012345678901234567890/B12345678901234567890/C1234567890123456 7890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890/D12345 67890123456789012/E345678901234567 THIS IS THE ED OR EO ENDORSEMENT
Parameter: Age, TicketDestination, TicketTravel, Miscellaneous@plainpaper


Description: New optional elements to support GDS Automated Refunds CAT33 , including Age of the passenger, and Canadian ticket destination and travel code: Added optional element Age in Customer.Traveler.Details type used in all document types in Detail and CustomDetail response formats.

Sample Value:

Note: GetTicketingDocumentRS/CustomDetails/Ticket/Indicators/@plainPaper