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What's New

  • Bargain Finder Max has been enhanced with the following new optional search parameters: • Enforce a specific stopover point within the leg of a journey • Specify cabin per leg in multiple fares per itinerary

Business Value

  • These enhancements enable the opportunity to find lower priced itinerary options by specifying stopover point, and a more efficient and targeted result with search by preferred cabin at the leg level.

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: Stopover

Type: StopoverType

Description: Enforce a specific stopover point within the leg of the requested journey without separating the leg itself, preserving the original trip type (such as round trip).

Sample Value:

<OriginDestinationInformation RPH="1"> <DepartureDateTime>2018-01-01T00:00:00</DepartureDateTime> <DepartureWindow>10001200</DepartureWindow> <OriginLocation LocationCode="LAX"/> <DestinationLocation LocationCode="LGA"/> <TPA_Extensions> <Stopover> <DepartureDateTime>2018-01-06T00:00:00</DepartureDateTime> <DepartureWindow>10001200</DepartureWindow> <StopoverPoint LocationCode="JFK" LocationType="A"/> </Stopover> </TPA_Extensions> </OriginDestinationInformation>
Note: The DepartureDateTime element is required and contains text in date plus time format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS. The DepartureWindow element is optional and contains text in range format: HHMMHHMM. The StopoverPoint element is required. The LocationCode attribute is required airport/city code. The LocationType attribute is optional 'A' (airport) or 'C' (city) value.

Functional Updates And Enhancements

In the Request


Parameter: Cabin

Type: CabinType

Description: Preferred cabin to be used in a search, at the leg level, in multiple fares per itinerary group definition.

Sample Value:

<FlexibleFares> <FareParameters> <Leg Num="1"> <Cabin Type="Y"/> </Leg> <Leg Num="2"> <Cabin Type="C"/> </Leg> </FareParameters> </FlexibleFares>
Note: Multiple preferred cabins can be requested at the leg level in each multiple fares per itinerary group.