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What's New

  • Enhanced AirBook now supports Multiple Pricing Requests/Responses within a single Enhanced AirBook request
  • Halts Enhanced AirBook, when price drops from a user specified value
  • Upgraded OTA_AirPriceLLSRQ to 2.16.0
  • BugFix made to not to convert the segment status to “QF” by default, when InstantPurchase=”true” and IgnoreAfter=”true”

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: AcceptablePriceDecrease

Type: positiveAmount

Description: It is used to specify an Amount or Percent, below which the final pricing for a booking should not be reduced

Sample Value:

<OTA_AirPriceRQ> . <AcceptablePriceIncrease HaltOnNonAcceptablePrice="true"> <Percent>10</Percent> . </OTA_AirPriceRQ>
Parameter: Amount, Percent

Type: positiveAmount

Description: Amount is used to specify the user anticipated amount. Percent is used to specify the user anticipated percent

Sample Value:

<OTA_AirPriceRQ> . <AcceptablePriceIncrease HaltOnNonAcceptablePrice="true"> <Amount>10</Amount> . </OTA_AirPriceRQ> <OTA_AirPriceRQ> . <AcceptablePriceIncrease HaltOnNonAcceptablePrice="true"> <Percent>10</Percent> . </OTA_AirPriceRQ>
Parameter: HaltOnNonAcceptablePrice

Type: Boolean

Description: HaltOnNonAcceptablePrice is used to specify, whether service should stop when actual price is lower than "AmountSpecified" percent or amount decrease

Sample Value:

<OTA_AirPriceRQ> . <AcceptablePriceIncrease HaltOnNonAcceptablePrice="true"> . </OTA_AirPriceRQ>

Resolved Issues

In the Request/Response


Currently when InstantPurchase=”true” and IgnoreAfter=”true”, EAB internally converts the segment status to “QF” by default. With the fix in the new version of EAB, segment status will not be changed to “QF” by default when InstantPurchase=”true” and IgnoreAfter=”true”