API Information

Response Format
BargainFinderMax_ADRQPOST v4.2.0/shop/altairports/flights
Current Version
Target Audience
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What's New

  • Alternate Airport Shop has been enhanced with the following new optional search parameters:
  • AirShoppingRuleManager – To specify and invoke the traveler persona rules.
  • Additionally, the following information will be returned in the BargainFinderMax response:
  • Forced Stopover Indicator – New indicator at the segment level to denote stopover point.

Business Value

  • Each of these new parameters power new ways to market, shop and convert lookers to bookers.

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: TravelerPersona@Name

Type: String

Description: New parameter to specify the traveler persona as created via the Air Shopping Rules Manager.

Sample Value:

{ "IntelliSellTransaction": { "RequestType": { "Name": "50ITINS" }, "TravelerPersona": { "Name": "ABCTRAVEL" } } }
Note: The name of the ‘Travel Persona’ is to be used with the Air Shopping Rules Manager application, only. The applicable rules associated to the travel persona will be invoked by Bargain Finder Max.

In the Response


Parameter: RequestedStopover Ind

Type: Boolean

Description: Indicator to identify which segment is the one departing from the stopover point in the BargainFinderMax response (within one leg).

Sample Value:

{ "FlightSegment": { "DepartureDateTime": "2018-08-12T16:50:00", "ArrivalDateTime": "2018-08-12T20:20:00", "StopQuantity": 0, "FlightNumber": 872, "ResBookDesigCode": "V", "ElapsedTime": 150, "DepartureAirport": { "LocationCode": "LHR", "TerminalID": 5 }, "ArrivalAirport": { "LocationCode": "KRK" }, "OperatingAirline": { "Code": "YY", "FlightNumber": 872 }, "Equipment": { "AirEquipType": 320 }, "MarketingAirline": { "Code": "YY" }, "MarriageGrp": "O", "DepartureTimeZone": { "GMTOffset": 1 }, "ArrivalTimeZone": { "GMTOffset": 2 }, "TPA_Extensions": { "eTicket": { "Ind": "true" }, "Mileage": { "Amount": 889 }, "RequestedStopover": { "Ind": "true" } } } }