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What's New

  • Price with Multiple Brands has been enhanced to include/exclude a fare option based on Brand ID code. Introducing Brand ID code as a new qualifier.

Business Value

  • This enhancement enables greater personalization and efficiency.

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: Brand Code

Type: BrandCodeType

Description: New parameter to support the capability for shopping to include/exclude a fare option based on Brand ID code. The parameter to be used in a search for the whole journey.

Sample Value:

<PriceRequestInformation> <PassengerTypes> <PassengerType Code="ADT" Count="1"/> </PassengerTypes> <ApplyBrandOCFees Ind="true"/> <BrandedFareIndicators ItinParityBrandlessLeg="true" ItinParityFallbackMode="LowestSingle" ParityMode="Itin"> <BrandFilters> <Brand Code="Q3" PreferredLevel="Preferred"/> </BrandFilters> </BrandedFareIndicators> </PriceRequestInformation>
Note: When the brand filters are used, both cheapest and upsells fares will be considered for filtering. If “preferred” brands are given then only branded fares matching the brand codes will be returned If “unacceptable” brands are given then branded fares matching this brand codes will be excluded (non-branded will stay in processing).