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What's New

  • The users can specify a new optional attribute in the request to control whether service should return only online solutions.
  • The users can specify a new optional attribute in the request to control whether the system should forward Reservation Data to external systems

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: //OriginDestination/Options/Carriers[@onlineOnly]

Type: boolean

Description: Control whether the system should return online solutions.

Sample Value:

<Carriers onlineOnly="false" />
Note: If true, the system will generate only online solutions (i.e. with the same marketing carrier) out of given carriers. If no carriers are given, the system will generate online solutions from carriers available on the given market. If false, the system will use default rules.
Parameter: //OriginDestination/Options/Availability[@allowReservationData]

Type: boolean

Description: Controls whether the system is allowed to forward Reservation/Journey data to external systems when retrieving availability

Sample Value:

<Availability allowReservationData="false" />
Note: Allow Reservation Data from *current session* of the *current PNR/EPR* to be included in availability requests. This option has effect when availability data is refreshed from carrier's inventory system (for example when //Availability[@quality=TRY_TO_REFRESH] ). The Reservation Data, depending on the EPR used to establish the session and what is already booked, may include items such as passenger names, Frequent Flyer numbers (personal and/or corporate), PNR record locators, or segments already booked.