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What's New

  • Support for Brand Attributes in the Web Service Response.
  • Support for Account Codes in the |-|Passenger|--| element.

Business Value

  • The ability to return 4 brand attributes in the RS when a brand code was used in the RQ.
  • The inclusion of an account code included in the RQ with the XC pricing qualifier.

New Features

In the Request/Response


Parameter: Brand Code

Type: string

Description: Brand codes are used with Branded Fares, the RS schema will now return 4 brand attributes: Brand Code, Brand Description, Program Code, Program Description

Sample Value:

Sample Brand Code = YC, sample Brand Description = ECONOMY STANDARD, sample Program Code = QES, sample Program Description = QES2018
Parameter: account code

Type: string

Description: The updated AERRQ now allows the use of an account code with the XC qualifer

Sample Value:

account code = ALL25