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What's New

  • The classic Alternate Date API is available now in JSON over the REST path/endpoint.
  • AirStreaming - Split the final Intellisell response into multiple packages by setting a limited number of itineraries in each one of them.

Business Value

  • Customer using REST JSON services is able to request the response in chunks. In other words the standard full response is restructured and sent in smaller packages of itineraries. The whole functionality and steps required to activated it are covered in dedicated Developer Administration Guide.

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: AirStreaming


Description: New parameter to activate the AirStreaming functionality which allows to receive a chunked response. Attribute MaxItinsPerChunk is set individually by the customers and configures what is the maximum amount of itineraries per one chunk in the below example the value is set to max. 10 Itineraries per chunk. There are 2 types of streaming available, therefore the Method of AirStreaming is equal either to “Services” or “WholeResponse”.

Sample Value:

{ "OTA_AirLowFareSearchRQ": { "TPA_Extensions": { "IntelliSellTransaction": { "Debug": 0, "AirStreaming": { "Method": "Services", "MaxItinsPerChunk": 10 } } } } }
Note: This feature requires some development work on the customer’s side, therefore more information is available in dedicated DAG Document. The same document describes 2 available types of AirStreaming. Functionality is available in JSON over the REST Endpoints. Applies to BargainFinderMax, Alternate Airport Shop, and Alternate Dates services.