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What's New

  • Price with Itinerary has been enhanced with the following new optional search parameter:
  • Source PCC - The source PCC of the contract processed for Agency Managed Commission will be added for audit and tracking purposes
  • Fare Type Bitmap - A fare pricing component related to ancillaries offer

Business Value

  • Source PCC supports the agencies configuration in terms of managing commissions. Fare Type Bitmap enhances the options available while shopping and pricing the ancillaries offer.

New Features

In the Response


Parameter: SourcePCC

Type: PseudoCityCodeType

Description: The PCC of the contract processed for Agency Managed Commission which is added for audit/tracking purposes.

Sample Value:

<Summary> <PassengerDetails> <PassengerDetail> <ValidatingCarrierCommissions> <ValidatingCarrierCommission SourcePCC="A1D0"> </ValidatingCarrierCommission> </ValidatingCarrierCommissions> </PassengerDetail> </PassengerDetails> </Summary>
Note: Source PseudoCityCode
Parameter: FareTypeBitmap

Type: FareTypeBitmapType

Description: A fare pricing component returned by the carrier if used also in ancillaries records.

Sample Value:

<PassengerDetails> <PassengerDetail> <PassengerFare> <FareCalculation> <FareComponents> <FareComponent FareTypeBitmap="04"/> </FareComponents> </FareCalculation> </PassengerFare> </PassengerDetail> </PassengerDetails>
Note: FareTypeBitmap represents sum of following possible values: 0x00 - Normal, 0x01 - Discounted, 0x02 - Fare by Rule, 0x04 - Negotiated, 0x08 - Private, Eg. 0x06 = Fare by Rule Negotiated.