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What's New

  • Added ability to create reservations for GDS and aggregator hotel chains at …/CreatePassengerNameRecordRQ/HotelBook
  • Updated internal API EnhancedAirBookRQ to version 3.10.0
  • Updated internal API PassengerDetailsRQ to version 3.4.0
  • Modified RQ schema to allow for flight segment booking being optional (this allows customer to create PNRs consisting of only Miscellaneous segments)

Business Value

  • Starting with version 2.2.0, the API was enhanced with the ability to create reservations for GDS and aggregator hotel chains. The solution integrates multiple sources of content including the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) and non-GDS sources such as re-distributors, agency-sourced hotel content and aggregators including HotelBeds, GTA, Expedia Partner Solutions and Booking.com.

Functional Updates And Enhancements

In the Request


Parameter: AirBook

Type: N/A

Description: Element used to book air segments

Sample Value:

<AirBook> <HaltOnStatus Code="HL"/> <HaltOnStatus Code="KK"/> <HaltOnStatus Code="LL"/> <HaltOnStatus Code="NN"/> <HaltOnStatus Code="NO"/> <HaltOnStatus Code="UC"/> <HaltOnStatus Code="US"/> <OriginDestinationInformation> <FlightSegment ArrivalDateTime="2018-09-05T15:38:00" DepartureDateTime="2019-09-05T12:46:00" FlightNumber="529" NumberInParty="2" ResBookDesigCode="Y" Status="NN" InstantPurchase="true"> <DestinationLocation LocationCode="CLT"/> <MarketingAirline Code="AA" FlightNumber="529"/> <OriginLocation LocationCode="MSY"/> </FlightSegment>
Note: Previously this element was mandatory
Parameter: HotelBook

Type: N/A

Description: element used to book GDS or Aggregator hotel segments

Sample Value:

<HotelBook> <BookingInfo> <BookingKey>The Booking Key is returned in the HotelPriceCheck API response</BookingKey> </BookingInfo> <Rooms> <Room RoomIndex="1"> <Guests> <Guest FirstName="TEST" LastName="BOOKING" Email="test@sabre.com" Type="10" Index="1" LeadGuest="true"> <Contact Phone="817-555-1212"/> </Guest> </Guests> </Room> </Rooms> <PaymentInformation Type="DEPOSIT">