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What's New

  • Simplifies the End Transaction booking step described under the Format Finder Help System reference: pnrfo005.
  • If finalizing or completing the PNR is the only action you want, please include only the EndTransaction node in the request.
  • If receiving the PNR is the only action you want, please send the Source/@ReceivedFrom attribute in the request and set EndTransaction/@Ind="false".

Business Value

  • Re-tries EndTransaction calls upon error, bypassing most banners and miscellaneous warnings.
  • Allows the user to switch between different low level API versions of EndTransactionLLSRQ via /EnhancedEndTransactionRQ/EndTransaction/@version
  • Allows the user to specify that the API should validate whether a PNR Locator was returned as a result of the transaction via /EnhancedEndTransactionRQ/@shouldCheckRefId
  • Handles the "DIRECT CONNECT MESSAGES RECEIVED - ENTER *A OR *IM" warning message.

New Features

In the Request


Parameter: ../EndTransaction/@version

Type: string

Description: Specify the underlying low level API version to be called.

Sample Value:

<EnhancedEndTransactionRQ xmlns="http://services.sabre.com/sp/eet/v1"> <EndTransaction Ind="true" version="2.0.9"/> </EnhancedEndTransactionRQ>
Note: "version" is used to indicate the desired version of low level EndTransactionLLSRQ service to be called. It is an optional attribute and if not sent, the latest version of the low level service (as visible on Sabre Dev Studio) will be called. This field is restricted to 2.0.x versions of the LLS API.
Parameter: @shouldCheckRefId

Type: boolean

Description: Verify, whether the PNR Locator was returned by the API

Sample Value:

<EnhancedEndTransactionRQ xmlns="http://services.sabre.com/sp/eet/v1" shouldCheckRefId="true"> <EndTransaction Ind="true"/> </EnhancedEndTransactionRQ>
Note: "shouldCheckRefId" is used to indicate that API will verify whether the service response contains the record locator of the reservation. If the record locator is not returned, system will retry by means of sending another end transaction request this time without .../Source/@ReceivedFrom.