End Transaction v2.1.0 on September 26, 2019

Service Action Code: EndTransactionLLSRQ
Added capability to update schedule change.

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Divide Itinerary v2.0.3 on July 4, 2019

Service Action Code: TravelItineraryDivideLLSRQ
Corrected an intermittent issue where successful response “VERIFY SPECIAL MEALS FOR ALL SEGMENTS” was being returned as an error.

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Passenger Details v3.4.0 on December 23, 2018

Service Action Code: PassengerDetailsRQ
Features updates of the multiple low level APIs. All internal (non low level service) attribute names start with lowercase. Added ability to indicate the wait interval before redisplaying the reservation

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Create Reservation v1.19.0 on August 16, 2018

Service Action Code: CreateReservationRQ
New capabilities for hotel content (CRUD) Ability to choose PQ (GetPriceQuoteRQ) service version Support for PrimeHostID field Support for RPH field Support for BagOccurence element Support for AncillarySeque …

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Retrieve Itinerary v1.19.0 on August 16, 2018

Service Action Code: GetReservationRQ
Ability to mark PNRs as suspicious Informational segment flag inclusion New capabilities for hotel content (CRUD) Ability to choose PQ (GetPriceQuoteRQ) service version Support for meal codes within Air segment …

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Trip Proposal API v1.1.0 on August 8, 2018

Service Action Code:
Trip Proposal API product provides ability to create travel quote without holding inventory and subsequent conversion of a selected quote into booked segments. Trip Proposal API suite consist of six new services: TP_CreateRQ, T …

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Add Special Service v2.3.0 on August 2, 2018

Service Action Code: SpecialServiceLLSRQ
Added support for the SSR CLID at …/SpecialServiceInfo/Service/@SSR_Code. Corrected an intermittent issue where service could return errors upon combining …/SpecialServiceInfo/AdvancePassenger/PersonName@ …

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Access Queue v2.0.9 on April 26, 2018

Service Action Code: QueueAccessLLSRQ
Corrected an intermittent issue where specific PNRs were not being correctly parsed within the response payload.

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Retrieve Itinerary v1.18.0 on February 21, 2018

Service Action Code: getReservationRQ
Alignment of gaps between TravelItineraryReadRQ and GetReservationRQ API: Credit Card Holder information, Point of Sale information, Air segment, Vehicle segment, Hotel segment, General segment New version of Pr …

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Get Itinerary v3.10.0 on November 16, 2017

Service Action Code: TravelItineraryReadRQ
Implementation of full TravelItineraryReadRQ flow with RBD Extend insurance product for annual multi trip Retrieve the owning agency PCC along with profile index from TravelItineraryRead Support for PriceCa …

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