Release Notes

Looking for the latest features and enhancements to Sabre APIs? You're in the right place.

We heard you! Based on your feedback, release notes are now available in one, centralized location. Our Sabre APIs development teams are busy working on new APIs, features and enhancements, which will be added here as part of their normal release cycle. Therefore, content is limited to those services for which a release has occurred (from August 2016 to present).

Exchange Shopping v2.2.0 on December 12, 2018

Service Action Code: ExchangeShoppingRQ
Added ability to verify refundability/reusability details for all EMD-A associated to the ticket being exchanged. The service also supports the inclusion of additional EMD-A that are not associated to the tick …

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EMD-ETKT Coupons Association v1.0 on December 12, 2018

Method/Endpoint: /v1.0.0/fulfillment/document/coupon/association
REST API to allow the association of EMD and ETKT coupons please reference the materials for details.

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Customer Insight v6.49.0 on December 11, 2018

Service Action Code: *
In preparation for name number matching in STAR Digital Service Platform (DSP). Discontinuation of SabreSecurityEntityAttribute element.

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Auto Exchange and Refund v1.5.4 on November 15, 2018

Service Action Code: AERRQ
Support for Brand Attributes in the Web Service Response. Support for Account Codes in the |-|Passenger|–| element.

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Air Schedules And Availability v5.2.0 on October 21, 2018

Service Action Code: AirSchedulesAndAvailabilityRQ
The users can specify a new optional attribute in the request to control whether service should return only online solutions. The users can specify a new optional attribute in the request to control …

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Sabre Profiles v6.48.0 on October 10, 2018

Service Action Code: *
Extension of PriorityRemarks/@Text to 2000 characters Support @MasterOfRecordCode in CRUDS Support @MasterOfRecordCode in Profile History Ability to search by @MasterOfRecordCode Support @PersonType field under EmploymentInfo …

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Customer Insight v6.48.0 on October 9, 2018

Service Action Code: *
Readiness to replace processes that load batch upload files with STAR alliance profiles.

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Auto Price Air Exchanges v2.7.0 on October 1, 2018

Service Action Code: AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ
Version 2.7.0 adds support for Retailer Rules to be included in the request – AutomatedExchangesLLSRQ

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Reserve Air Seat v2.1.0 on September 27, 2018

Service Action Code: AirSeatLLSRQ
Added ability to o select seats for multiple name numbers. Added ability to o select seats for multiple air segments. Added ability to sell multiple seats within one request.

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Issue Air Ticket v2.12.0 on September 27, 2018

Service Action Code: AirTicketLLSRQ
Added ability to claim commission on the Net Fare

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